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Blog Management

May 17, 2011


Favors Writing Management currently provides Core Services solutions that include web content development, professional copywriting, business editing, and language translation.

Executives and senior staff of FWM are in the process of developing procedure documentation for implementing an additional service solution: blog management.

Additional plans include creating user guides, training materials, and workbooks delivered through product blogs, subsidiary sites, and The Regina Y. Favors Learning Center site (Coming soon!).


Blogging is fast becoming the preferred medium for delivering company news, offering perspectives about current events, and providing teaching solutions.

Companies are discovering the difficulty in managing blogging sites. As a solution to this problem, companies outsource content development and site maintenance services to social media marketing companies and start-up businesses.

Favors Writing Management is in the process of designing strategic planning objectives for adding Blog Management to the current list of company Core Services.

Design objectives will include developing procedure documentation for five potential service offerings:

  • Site Launch Services
  • Relaunch Services
  • Content Development Services
  • Site Security and Maintenance Services
  • Multi-Site Services

In addition, FWM is researching various software solutions to ensure clients receive the highest quality in content maintenance and security management.

Therefore, FWM is currently reviewing database, web server, and Content Management System software solutions.

Current Status: In Development


For more information about the plans for Blog Management, contact the Editorial Director directly. The contact information is below.

You may also view information about our design objectives and updated posts under the “Strategic Planning” category. This information will be available on May 18, 2011.

Regina Y. Favors

President and Editorial Director, Favors Writing Management

Facebook Page:


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