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Foreclosure Investing: Principles and Strategies

May 17, 2011


Favors Writing Management writes and develops online industry resources on the subjects of foreclosure law and foreclosure investing.

At FWM, senior editors are currently in the process of writing and designing content for online publication.

Additional plans include developing user guides and training materials delivered through both a blog and The Regina Y. Favors Learning Center site (Coming soon!).

Foreclosure Investing

Foreclosure Investing is a working manuscript. It is currently in the content designing and website planning stages.

The primary purpose of the book is to provide a comprehensive view of foreclosure law, mortgage modification practices, and real estate investing strategies.

The book will function as an academic textbook, suitable for graduate business and law school studies. It will prepare graduate business students formally for entry into the real estate and foreclosure investing field. It will also supplement law school studies for graduates desiring to enter the field.

The online website will provide information about current industry practices, video material, and links to various websites.

A non-fiction textbook proposal for Foreclosure Investing is available here for download off the FWM website. A major publisher is currently reviewing the document.

The future home of the online blog will be here (

Current Status: Researching Topic, Preparing Chapters, Storyboarding


For more information about the plans for the textbook, contact the senior project editor directly. The contact information is below.

Regina Y. Favors

President and Editorial Director, Favors Writing Management

Facebook Page:


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