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Strategic Planning Objectives for “Blog Management”

May 18, 2011


Blogging is becoming the preferred medium for larger companies, non-profit organizations, online businesses, and start-ups.

Blogging offers benefits particularly for larger organizations, because it is less expensive than print publishing and it is a more efficient tool for reaching customers globally. Many companies, including FWM, convert the standard blogging template into a news center, whereby customers, journalists, and competitors can find information about products, services, new programs, and most importantly news.

Although blogging is an effective tool, it is also a time-consumer. Managing a blog in general requires an adequate staff that includes at minimum a web designer, copywriter, SEO specialist, and copyeditor. In addition, to appeal to the social media market, larger companies require seasoned marketing professionals who are  typically well-versed in Internet marketing strategies.

For example, in many marketing environments, companies employ only bloggers who have a specialized skill set that includes knowledge of Content Management System software, web design and development principles, and social media marketing techniques. In essence, larger organizations have the resources to implement a blog management program.

On the other hand, start-ups lack the time and knowledgeable staff to implement Internet marketing strategy objectives and ensure blogs receive daily updates. In addition, the process of writing and developing content, designing the blog, and managing it leaves new business owners with the option of either outsourcing these tasks to social media marketing companies or neglecting the blog altogether.

Favors Writing Management specializes in providing web content development, professional copywriting, editing, and language translation solutions. To stay competitive within a changing social media market, FWM will add “Blog Management” to the company’s Core Services business model. The FWM Blog Management Program will appeal to start-up companies and established small businesses.

Proposed Services

Favors Writing Management will consider the following preliminary services for implementation under “Blog Management.”

  • Site Launch Services
  • Relaunch Services
  • Content Development Services
  • Site Security and Maintenance Services
  • Multi-Site Services

Additional plans will include developing the service descriptions and marketing content for each service unit.

Preliminary Research

Although blogging has become hugely popular among social media enthusiasts, journalists, political pundits, and larger organizations, Blog Management is a fairly new field. It appeals to established marketing companies and generates the interest of start-ups.

Leveraging Knowledge

Larger companies typically house experienced professionals who have a background in journalism, public relations, or marketing.

For example, staff members possess the capability to leverage knowledge into business opportunities for their employers. In addition to writing press releases and developing content for marketing materials, employees also design the online corporate news center and post hourly and daily updates to the company blog.

By utilizing the employees’ expertise, major companies are able to deliver news about products and services. Within this environment, the online company blog functions similarly to the traditional in-house print newsletter.

Transforming Blogging

As social media marketing became an important tool for companies to reach and retain a customer base, generate revenue, and appeal to a larger, global audience, blogging transformed into a business strategy. Established Internet marketing companies began to assume more responsibility by including Blog Management as a marketing strategy, which also transformed into social media profile management.

The potential to generate, maximize, and sustain revenue appealed to entrepreneurs desiring both to enter the social media market and advertise their businesses online. Blog Management became the business strategy that start-ups and established marketing companies used to stay competitive commercially.

Preparing for Entry

With this in mind, senior researchers of Favors Writing Management will conduct case studies of various blog management companies, programs, news centers, and social media marketing firms to gain a holistic view of the field and prepare FWM for entry.

Content Management

Content management, or CM, is a set of processes that involves creating, editing, publishing, maintaining, and displaying documents digitally and through various additional publication mediums.

Understanding the Process

The process of managing content is collaborative and it involves distributing responsibilities to a creator, editor, publisher, and administrator. Included within this process, by default, is the consumer, or viewer of the content.

Throughout the content management process a document will endure editing, review, and removal by the editor and/or administrator. A CM system allows the administrator to import documents, assign roles, define workflow tasks, track revision, manage versions, and publish material to a repository.

For example, the creator writes the content. The editor prepares the content for delivery through an online or print medium. The publisher then releases and distributes the content according to established standards and procedures outlined within the company handbook. The administrator manages the right of access and permissions to users. The consumer, who is at the end of this process, views and shares the content.

Need for Procedures

Favors Writing Management currently provides web content development, professional copywriting, and editing services.

Although FWM offers expertise in this area of content development and management, we have not implemented a content management system necessary for managing blogs nor have we developed procedure documentation.

Therefore, FWM will institute a system of procedures for implementing “Blog Management” and for managing content via Content Management System software.

The FWM Blog Management Procedural Handbook will include guidelines for creating, editing, and publishing content. In addition, the handbook also will include procedures for tracking content revisions, managing multiple versions displayed on various publishing mediums, and implementing a digital rights access program.

Software Acquisition

To implement the FWM Blog Management Program, FWM will need to review current software options.

At present, FWM is considering database software, web server software, and text editor options.

In addition, FWM is also currently reviewing Content Management System software and various blogging platforms as well as file transfer protocols (SFTP).

Web Design & Development

FWM will implement a web design and development program. This new program may require FWM to create sample templates and contract freelance graphic designers.

In addition, FWM will develop procedure documentation for employing and managing web designers, web content copywriters (bloggers), and SEO and social media marketing specialists.

Rate Program

FWM will create FWM Blog Management Rate Program Guidelines. This will allow FWM to design rate packages for initial site launching, relaunching, site maintenance, security, and multi-site development services (linking).

In addition, FWM will develop rates for ongoing content management services (updating).


In sum, although FWM is excited about embarking upon a new journey, we understand the importance of preparing thoroughly for entry into the blog management field.


For more information about FWM company services and products, contact the editorial director directly.

Regina Y. Favors

Founder, President and Editorial Director

Favors Writing Management


You may also visit the FWM Facebook Page here.

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