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FWM Launches New Business Product

May 28, 2011

FWM Launches New Business Product

Company Offers Research Blog on Foreclosure Investing

DALLAS, Texas. – May 28, 2011 Favors Writing Management – Company announced today the launching of a new blog to aid in the preparation of Foreclosure Investing: Principles and Strategies, a proposed graduate business textbook.

Existing Gaps

The current curriculum of graduate degree offerings in business with a concentration in real estate, real estate investing, or real estate development doesn’t offer separate program options for reviewing the foreclosure process, understanding the impact of distressed properties, approaching the homeowner during the pre-foreclosure stage, and investing in foreclosures.

Textbooks university departments adopt tend to gloss over this subject. Similarly, real estate degree programs also tend to offer only courses in understanding the real estate process, real estate financing, appraisal techniques, development planning, and construction management.

Graduate business students who want to enter the field of investing in residential or commercial real estate foreclosures, but who do not want to complete a law degree, often have no other choice but to pursue post-graduation studies, reading commercial titles on short sale or foreclosure investing.

Without formal preparation in this area of real estate and real estate investing, students enter into a business and fail within the first two years because they are not aware of changing legislation and how it affects agreements, business relationships, and consumer protections established by Congress for the homeowner.

Proposed Solution

Executives at FWM believe that Foreclosure Investing: Principles and Strategies will solve this problem for the graduate business student who chooses a business degree with a concentration in real estate investing. The textbook will provide a theoretical foundation and will offer graduate students an opportunity to learn the business of real estate and foreclosure investing. It will provide the knowledge, guidance, and tools graduate business students will need to prepare for a formal career in the field.

About the Blog

Foreclosure Investing, Research Blog is an online tool FWM will use to research and write the textbook. The mission of the blog is to research the field, gather supporting evidence, and interpret data accurately through blog posting.

The blog appeals primarily to higher education publishers. While the markets for the textbook are graduate business and law school programs, the primary audiences for the blog are industry professionals, attorneys, real estate developers, professors, and graduate business students.

FWM has structured the blog for easy navigation. The blog is divided into 13 major categories, which include the following:

  • Mortgages and Loans
  • Government Agencies
  • Mortgage Mitigation
  • Foreclosure Investing
  • Statutes
  • Glossaries
  • Congressional Hearings
  • MERS
  • Agreements
  • Tax and Accounting Treatment
  • Curriculum Docs
  • Annotated Works
  • Literature Review

The last three categories are not a part of the standard tabs. Information about each tab is accessible here (under the “Categories” tab).

The blog will house sample documents, links, agreements, eight glossaries, and suggested literature.

According to Regina Y. Favors, President and Editorial Director of Favors Writing Management, the title of the book initially was “Foreclosure Law.” She states, “We initially marketed the textbook as a book about foreclosure law, but we found that textbook publishers were not receptive to another title on this subject.”

With this sentiment in mind, Favors decided to restructure the thesis and market the textbook as a formal tool for preparing graduate business students. She states, “Although changing the thesis made our task greater, we knew that in order to ensure the textbook was competitive, we had to develop a title that we believed would bridge a major gap in the current curriculum. So, we went with Foreclosure Investing.”

Favors chose the new title because she believed existing commercial titles today do not formally prepare the graduating student for entry into the foreclosure investing field. She states, “I believe the books you read today with titles similar to “How to Avoid Foreclosure” are subjective. What works for the author writing the book may not work for the student graduating from a business program. There needs to be a formal curriculum for teaching foreclosure investing. And we need to ensure that how we obtain the information is verifiable and accurate.”

Favors believes creating Foreclosure Investing, Research Blog will help to provide a solid, sound foundation for the textbook.

About the Editorial Director

Regina Y. Favors is the Editorial Director of Favors Writing Management. As Founder and President of FWM, Favors is responsible for the strategic direction of the company.

Favors creates, develops, and manages guidelines for published articles on third-party contractor websites. Favors develops policies for ghostwriting, legal writing, copywriting, and business writing services delivered through FWM.

In addition, Favors writes and manages the development of web content for social media marketing companies, private, public, and online. She also manages the development of user guides and training manuals and coordinates technical writing, business editing, and procedure documentation projects.

Favors is also the Founder and CEO of The Regina Y. Favors Learning Center, where she oversees the development of English and English as a Second Language online training resources, services, and user guides. As CEO, Favors is responsible for the strategic direction of the center. She develops the online marketing budget, creates the guidelines for published articles, and manages the development of company and subsidiary policies, bylaws, procedure documentation, and legal agreements (work-made-for-hire).

Favors has both a B.A. and an M.A. in English from San Diego State University.

Note to Editors: For more information about FWM, including news and updates, please click on recent posts housed on the FWM company blog.


You can reach Regina Y. Favors directly via email.

Regina Y. Favors, President and Editorial Director

Favors Writing Management


Facebook Page:

Foreclosure Investing, Research Blog:

Company Website (Temporary):

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