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FWM Parent Awarded Training Provider Contract

October 7, 2011

FWM Parent Awarded Training Provider Contract

FLC Will Provide ESL Instruction for DCCCD

DALLAS, Texas. – October 7, 2011 Favors Writing Management – FWM announced today that its parent company was officially awarded a training provider contract on September 23, 2011 with the Dallas County Community College District in Dallas, TX to provide curriculum development, instruction, and course management solutions.

Brief History of DCCCD

Founded in 1965, the Dallas County Community College District is a local provider of post-secondary education solutions. The District comprises seven community colleges, a tele-college, and an economic development center.

Doing business with the DCCCD requires potential bidders to register formally with the District and submit a bid or proposal to an open solicitation. Small business bidders take advantage of professional development programs offered through the Bill J. Priest Institute for Economic Development (BJP) and related certification opportunities.

For example, the primary purpose of the DCCCD’s Business Diversity Program is to “increase the number of certified minority- and women-owned businesses (M/WBE) that provide goods and services to DCCCD through competitive processes.” Information about core DCCCD business development opportunities can be obtained by visiting the DCCCD website and clicking on the “Business/Community” tab.

When asked today about the impact of the training provider contract on FLC, founding CEO and Chief Instructional Designer Regina Y. Favors states, “The DCCCD training provider contract is the next step in FLC providing education development solutions to the local community. The opportunity to provide ESL/English instruction to adult learners will allow FLC to establish the company’s reputation formally in the post-secondary education markets. We are happy to accept the two-year contract with the District and welcome the opportunity to improve the lives of Dallas community members.”

Senior Instructional Designers and instructors of Favors Learning Center will provide ESL/English instruction for the District’s adult continuation education programs.

About Favors Learning Center

Favors Learning Center is a learning management solutions provider.

Founded in May 2006 by Regina Y. Favors, FLC provides educational support services to universities and government entities seeking solutions for curriculum development and education management. In addition, FLC provides online academic instruction in English, ESL, and related business subjects.

FLC government contracting solutions include education consulting, education support management, curriculum development, training program development, and education research. FLC academic solutions include online learning course management solutions and e-Learning textbooks on the subjects of English and business.

Current projects for FLC include creating and developing e-Learning content for scheduled products,  developing a graduate business textbook on the subject of foreclosure investing, and planning the curriculum of the FWM University and its entities.

About Favors Writing Management

Favors Learning Center is the parent company of Favors Writing Management, an Internet-based content writing and communications management organization. Launched in July 2010, FWM is the commercial services arm of the company. Through FWM, we offer solutions for providers of online reference and website content. Our service offerings include content development, professional editing, language translation, and procedure documentation development.

FWM provides the following Core Services solutions:

  • Web Content Development & Management
  • Technical Copywriting
  • Professional Writing & Copyediting
  • Business Writing and Editing
  • Ghostwriting and Manuscript Editing
  • Academic Editing
  • Language Translation
  • Blog Management (coming soon)

Favors Writing Management manages the online distribution of eBook and blogging content created by Favors Learning Center. FWM both creates and develops business eLearning textbooks separately from FLC. Current projects for FWM include developing the blog management and social media marketing service units.

About the Founder

As Founder, President and Editorial Director of Favors Writing Management, Regina Y. Favors is responsible for the strategic direction of the company. Favors has over 10 years of combined experience in teaching, tutoring, editing, and professional writing.
As Editorial Director, Favors creates, develops, and manages guidelines for published articles housed on third-party contractor websites. Favors develops policies for ghostwriting, legal writing, copywriting, and business writing services delivered through FWM.

In addition, Favors writes and manages the development of web content for social media marketing companies, private, public, and online. Favors also manages the development of user guides and training manuals and coordinates technical writing, business editing, and procedure documentation projects.

Favors also oversees the development of English and English as a Second Language online training resources, services, and user guides for FLC. As CEO and Chief Instructional Designer, Favors is responsible for the strategic direction of the center. Favors develops the online marketing budget, creates the guidelines for published articles, and manages the development of company and subsidiary policies, bylaws, procedure documentation, and legal agreements (work-made-for-hire).

Favors has both a B.A. and an M.A. in English from San Diego State University.

Note to Editors: For more information about FWM, including news and updates, please click on recent posts housed on the FWM company blog.


You can reach Regina Y. Favors directly.

Regina Y. Favors
Founder, President and Editorial Director
Favors Writing Management

Facebook Page:
The FAVORS Glossary:


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