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Professional Writing

FWM offers professional copywriting and copyediting solutions for online social media marketing and print publishing companies.

Our team of copywriters are seasoned professionals. They provide more than 20 years of combined experience in marketing, advertising, and social media strategy.

For professional copywriting projects, we conduct a market analysis of the target audience to develop content that creates interest in your company’s products and services. We also research and develop a literature review to determine the best content strategy. We employ rhetorical techniques in producing copy that will help companies generate sales.

For copyediting projects, we improve the formatting, style, tone, and accuracy of the content. Our team of copyeditors are well-trained in the discipline of journalism and accuracy in fact reporting. FWM expects all copyeditors, full-time and freelance, to adhere to a code of journalistic integrity and ethics in applying the principles of editing to each project.

FWM provides the following services:

Print and Online Mediums
  • Sales and promotional letters
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Promotional materials
  • Media kits
  • Press releases
  • News articles
  • Marketing proposals
  • Online social media marketing and promotions

Photo Credit: Online search results, not an FWM-owned graphic

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