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Revision Today eLearning Materials


Revision Today will be an undergraduate English textbook for writers of research papers.

It will function as a comprehensive textbook that introduces multiple phases of the revision process and includes practical guidance for teachers of writing.


The textbook will be five-part.

Part One

Part One will begin after students have completed the first draft. In this first part of the book, students will learn how to prepare a second draft, apply professor’s comments, verify researched material, prepare the third draft, and research MLA citation topics.

Part Two

Part Two will usher students through the revision planning process. Students will learn how to revise the thesis, topic sentences, and supporting evidence. They will also learn how to revise for transition, coherence, and unity. This part of the book will center on specific areas of the research paper: analysis, introduction, and conclusion.

Part Three

Part Three will help students prepare and develop a revision portfolio, similarly to a semester writing portfolio. Students will employ some of the same methods used during the pre-writing stages. They will collect revised papers, brainstorm ideas about developing a theme, respond to margin comments via journal, and develop a literature review. In addition, students will also create an annotated bibliography, propose an editing plan, and prepare an ePortfolio.

Part Four

Part Four will be the grammar section of the book.

Part Five

Part Five will be the citation and document formatting section.

Favors Learning Center removed the glossary part of the book on April 2011, converting it into an online teaching blog (The Favors Glossary). FWM manages the teaching blog.

Current Status

Revision Today is currently in its planning and development stage. FWM posts and manages some paragraphs and/or chapters housed within the textbook.

Favors Learning Center is the copyright holder of The Favors Glossary. FWM is the copyright holder of the online teaching blog with the same name.

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